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This review is for To Chau Massage in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. This Vietnamese massage place is also known as Massage To Chau Su Van Hanh and Massage To Chau TPHCM. To Chau Massage recently opened for business March 2019 and they have 2 different locations, one in District 5 and the other inside the Saigon Star Hotel in District 3:
  • 172 Su Van Hanh, District 5, Ho Chi Minh
  • 204 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Saigon Star Hotel, District 3, Ho Chi Minh
I discovered To Chau Massage by accident. I was originally planning to visit Tokyo Massage in Ho Chi Minh, but I discovered they were closed. A local Vietnamese man had posted an old review, trying to promote his massage place, and I sent him a message asking where. He quickly responded, saying that was a long time ago and he no longer has a massage business. The conversation should have ended there, but I followed up by asking where is a good place for a massage and blowjob in Saigon, and he recommended To Chau Massage. Here you can see our Facebook conversation:


I've spent a lot of time in Ho Chi Minh and was surprised to never hear about To Chau Massage before now. The owner of To Chau Massage is from Can Tho, and he owns and operates different massage places in Vietnam, including a To Chau Massage and Hawon Spa in Can Tho, Vietnam. And according to their business profile on Facebook, their locations in Ho Chi Minh recently opened around March 2019. They had posted different things to promote their massage services, including photos of official Vietnamese health certificates for their massage girls. But there are no pictures of their girls and no mention of prices anywhere. It's also misleading because they show an iPad allowing you to choose your massage girl, and this turned out to not be true. I sent To Chau Massage a message on Facebook, inquiring about prices, and they read my message, but did not respond. For all their talk about having a hotline and booking appointments, they didn't seem to care about making it easy for new customers to get more information.

On this weekday afternoon, I was near the New World Hotel in District 1, and it was an easy walk to the Saigon Star Hotel. I stopped at the ATM on the way, and was excited to try a new massage place in Ho Chi Minh. The Saigon Star Hotel is located on one of the main roads in District 3 and is very easy to find. It sits next to a Jollibee restaurant, and Tao Dan Park is across the street. There is a big massage sign that lights up at night and is larger than the Saigon Star Hotel sign above it. It's confusing where to enter for the massage because I only saw the main hotel entrance and a second entrance under the big karaoke sign. I didn't see any security guards anywhere. There was a hotel doorman standing out front to help customers out of their vehicle for checking into the hotel. I asked him about the massage and he said to go inside and take the elevator to the 9th floor.

I walked inside the Saigon Star Hotel main entrance, and it was an old and dirty hotel inside. It smelled strongly of cigarette smoke, and had definitely aged over the years. There was a hotel receptionist desk on one side, and on the other side was a couple doors for the karaoke and a Korean restaurant. Nobody assisted me, and there was no security anywhere. I went to the elevator lift and waited a few minutes for it reach the ground floor. This place was old and outdated. I took the elevator to the 9th floor, and when I stepped out, I had found To Chau Massage.

Nobody greeted me when I got off the elevator. There were four people working together on something at the reception counter. I walked up and asked how much for a massage. And this is where things got very confusing. I'm going to try and simplify what happened, to make this easier to digest. Nobody spoke any English, so everything was said using Google Translate back and forth. And instead of working directly with one person, all four of them wanted to chime in and every question turned into a lengthy discussion before I received a response. They presented me a Vietnamese menu showing 8 different massage packages, the length of time for each massage, and the corresponding ticket price. The prices on their menu do not include the extra you must pay to tip your massage girl:

  1. VIP Room - 80 minutes - 600,000 VND ($26 USD)
  2. Found Fortune - 100 minutes - 1,000,000 VND ($43 USD)
  3. Western Massage - 120 minutes - 1,500,000 VND ($64 USD)
  4. Get Rich - 120 minutes - 2,000,000 VND ($85 USD)
  5. Beautiful West Capitol - 120 minutes - 3,000,000 VND ($128 USD)
  6. Fit VIP - 120 minutes - 5,000,000 VND ($213 USD)
  7. Supreme Highness - 24 hours - 10,000,000 VND ($426 USD)
  8. Continental Automotive - 24 hours, 4 rooms - 50,000,000 VND ($2,130 USD)
This place was expensive! These prices are only for the massage ticket. And unlike other places, where you tip your massage girl after services are performed, To Chau Massage requires you pay the tip at the beginning when you're paying for the massage ticket. And to make things more confusing, the amount they require for a tip changes based upon the massage package you choose.

It appears the first six packages get progressively better. The last two packages are for 24 hours, and I don't know if that means the girl spends the day with you anywhere you want to go in Saigon? That last package says 4 rooms, which makes me think it's a group package for 4 people, but it's 5x the cost of the other 24 hour package. I wanted to know what came with each package, and eventually one of the guys found a piece of paper at the desk that had an English description of what's included with each massage package:

  1. VIP Room - Massage body, relax normal
  2. Found Fortune - Take a bath with a girl, relaxing massage
  3. Western Massage - Milk massage, breast massage, Japanese massage
  4. Get Rich - Take a bath with 2 girls, relaxing massage
  5. Beautiful Girl of West Capital (Class A) - Girl shares sauna, shared bath, milk massage, breast massage, stone massage, relaxing massage
  6. King VIP - Take a bath with 4 girls, relaxing massage
There was no English description for those last two all day packages, but this was good enough to get an idea on what each package was about. And then things got very confusing. Imagine four Vietnamese people that cannot speak English, using calculators to show total prices, and Google Translate to try and make me understand their promotion discount on the massage ticket, but no promotion discount on the massage tip. The promotion discount is a different percentage for each massage package, and the tip for the massage girl is also different for each massage package. I'm going to save everyone reading this all the craziness and confusion that happened, but for my massage needs on this given day, this was the total cost for the first three massage packages, meaning the cost of the massage ticket and the required tip for the massage girl:
  1. VIP Room - Total Price 900,000 VND ($38 USD)
  2. Found Fortune - Total Price 1,300,000 VND ($55 USD)
  3. Western Massage - Total Price 1,750,000 VND ($75 USD)
Trust me when I say I tried to bargain some, but it was a complete disaster of a conversation and the people working at this place were very unprofessional. At this point, I should have listened to my internal warning flags because this was the worst customer service I had ever felt about one of these places, but I was hoping for the best and went along with it. I paid 1,750,000 VND ($75 USD) for the third massage package, and it was explained to me that 750,000 VND was for the massage ticket and 1,000,000 VND was the tip for the massage girl.

After I paid, I was asked to sit down in the waiting area, which was filled with plush lounge chairs. I told the man that I wanted to choose my girl. He used Google Translate to say they do not allow customers to choose the girls, but they will choose the best service provider for me. He asked if I had a preference, and I used Google Translate to say "thin girl" and he responded with a standard response that they will choose the best available service provider for me. I wasn't feeling too excited about this place, but I was excited to try the described milk massage. Too bad they didn't have a milking table option, because that and a Nuru massage are still two things I eventually want to try.

I only waited for a couple minutes and they said my room was ready. I didn't have to walk far because the massage room entrance was next to the massage lobby and elevator. The male attendant opened the door and led me inside. He showed me the small wardrobe closet to hang my clothes and said to enjoy the sauna and my massage girl will be here shortly. The room was very dark, especially around the massage bed. This was not a massage table, this was wide luxurious bed that had been setup for giving massages. One wall had a sauna enclosure with a dry sauna and steam sauna. The other wall had a bathtub, washsink, and wardrobe. Dark curtains blocked the sun from coming in on the far wall, but the window was open and you could hear the Vietnamese traffic noise from outside. I took pictures of the massage room and have included them in this post. I got undressed, put my backpack and clothes in the wardrobe, grabbed one of the towels, and headed into the sauna.

The steam sauna was weird because they had placed a large red plastic chair inside the sauna, and it looked out of a place for a sauna. I sat in the chair and a floor vent steamed up the sauna. And thankfully, my eyes were never irritated because there was no eucalyptus smell. Overall, the steam sauna felt very good, but the water would collect on the ceiling, and you'd feel these very hot drops of water dripping from the ceiling randomly when you're trying to relax. As I was sitting in the sauna, I heard my massage girl walk into the room. I could make out her figure, but could not see what she looked like because the walls were steamed up too much. She removed her clothes, was completely naked, and wrapped a towel around her. She started to take care of things in the room. It was time for me to change saunas, but she had just walked to the balcony area behind the curtain when I moved to the dry sauna. I had to pour water on the hot sauna rocks, and they did a good job at warming up the sauna. You have to be careful inside the dry sauna because this room was very small, and the placement of the hot sauna stove is positioned right next to you. I don't understand how a girl could spend time in the sauna with someone in these tiny spaces. I kept the dry steam going because it felt good, and I could see my massage girl drawing the bath water and doing things around the room. I stretched my body completely and was ready to move onto this massage.

My massage girl was all smiles when I walked out of the sauna. I was completely naked and dripping wet. She was naked, wrapped in a towel, and I couldn't see her body that well, but she was definitely not a thin girl. Her face was not attractive, but she had a great personality, and I was hoping she was good at giving milk massages. She helps me into the bath, has me sit down, and washes my back, head, arms, and chest. She has me stand up, washes between my legs, and was being very playful with a soapy handjob in the bath. She was excessive with the soap, which made her rubbing feel good. She spoke very basic English and her attitude was very positive and friendly. She was young, and seemed to be very experienced and comfortable. She helps me out of the bath, takes some fresh towels, and I stand there while she dries me off everywhere. She tells me to relax in the bed, and she brings some massage oil and clean towels to the bed.

I'm laying completely naked, on my chest, on this very comfortable massage bed. I like this much better than a massage table, because you feel like you're relaxing on the same kind of bed you'd typically have at your home. She climbs onto the bed after me, puts some oil on her hands, and starts to give me a massage. She massages my back, neck, shoulders, and arms. This girl had some weight behind her because she was very forceful with the massage. It was borderline too physical, and she clearly had some experience giving massages. It didn't necessarily feel rushed, but each part of the massage felt quick and there was no time to relax. After my upper body, she moves onto each leg, giving each one a proper muscle massage. She has me flip over onto my back, sits between my legs, and continues to massage each leg. I could tell this girl had some weight behind her strength, but she was still wearing a towel so I couldn't see her breasts and body. She has me flip back over, now I'm on my chest again, and she takes some hot stones and rubs across my back very fast. The massage did feel good, but it also felt fast, systematic, and wasn't relaxing.

And this is when the remainder of my hopeful expectations about this entire experience simply began to fall away. For the milk massage, there was never any milk. All this meant was they squeeze oil on your body, and she rubs her breasts across your body. She steps away from the bed to get some some massage oil and drops her towel. She was overweight, not attractive, but had medium sized firm breasts. She was definitely young, and her breasts were not sagging from the weight. She had no stretch marks or any sign of having children. She was just overweight and not attractive. She stands on the bed and squeezes oil all over my back and legs, which felt immediately cold after my skin was feeling warm from the hot massage. And she begins at at my legs, moving up along my body, rubbing her naked breasts across my skin and putting her weight into it. Her naked breasts felt very good, and she was super oiled up so she glided smoothly on me with the feeling of her nipples catching along the way. She has me flip over onto my back, and does the same thing as before, starting at my feet, going across each leg and moving up to my chest. As she's rubbing her oily breasts across my chest, she kisses me each time she passes. She definitely put some energy into the breast massage, making sure all parts of my body was rubbed against. And then she said she would take care of my baby, pointing between my legs.

She was completely naked, and there wasn't much oil left on our bodies after she had used her breasts to give me a complete rubdown everywhere. She kisses my nipples and starts to fondle between my legs. She rubs her hand back and forth across my legs and once I start to feel aroused, she takes my right hand and places it between her legs, and puts my other hand on her breasts, and she gently starts to give me a handjob. She shaved between her legs, which is not something I usually see with Vietnamese girls, and I swear she was either a virgin or had not masturbated or had sex in a very long time, because she was very tight. She was also dry, and I had to put spit on my fingers to ease my fingers inside her. I start to get harder, and she squeezes some oil onto her hand and keeps going with the handjob. I wanted her to use her mouth, but she would not. The only thing her lips touched was my nipples. Absolutely no blowjob. Frustrating. Her hand skills were good, but the oil was doing most of the work, and I had admitted defeat at this point as my finger is inside her feeling her dry body. Her moans were unbelievable because she never felt wet, and it made me think she just wasn't turned on. It all felt very systematic and mechanical. I was fully hard now and closed my eyes and tried to enjoy the release. She takes the towel and keeps going with the handjob until I cum into the towel. She had a smile when she saw me cum, but this was not the happy ending I wanted.

After the handjob, she goes to the washsink to clean herself. She turns the bath on and tells me to join her. I get into the bath, where she washes me all over and we made some small talk. She is from Can Tho, Vietnam and is 26 years old. She had been working for a massage place in Can Tho for 4 years before moving to Saigon. She moved here a month ago to work at To Chau Massage. This all makes sense because I had already learned about the owner's history with massage places in Can Tho before opening up these massage shops in Saigon. She was a very nice and friendly girl, and she had a great attitude and personality. She was also overweight and not attractive. After she finishes with rinsing me off, she hands me a towel, and I dry myself off while she starts to get dressed. I get dressed, say goodbye, and let myself out of the room.

When I left the massage room, I was expecting someone to greet me and ask about my experience. Nobody talked to me. I went to the elevator and pressed the button, and waited a few minutes for the elevator to get there. Standing there, I saw three other massage girls who were working there this evening. One of them was very beautiful, nice body and perfect breasts with a gorgeous smile. The other two looked average and unattractive. I took the elevator back down to the ground floor and walked out of the hotel. As I walked out, I looked at the time and realized my entire experience had only been one hour. I would never come back here again.

Final Thoughts
I paid 1,750,000 VND ($75 USD) for a massage and handjob from a below average girl. The entire experience with the reception staff working there was very unprofessional and confusing. The massage packages have unclear pricing and misleading descriptions. And that is a lot of money to pay for a one hour massage and handjob. This place is expensive, and I do not recommend.


Tay Ninh, Vietnam
Thanks for writing your review about this massage place. Isn't it too expensive just to receive a fake Nuru massage and only a handjob? 1.7m just to get a handjob isn't even wallet friendly o_O
Southeast Asia
Thanks for writing your review about this massage place. Isn't it too expensive just to receive a fake Nuru massage and only a handjob? 1.7m just to get a handjob isn't even wallet friendly o_O
You are correct. This place was too expensive. I paid too much money for a one hour massage and handjob. I do not recommend going to this place.
Dominican Republic
@Logan Are there any good milking tables in Saigon? These are the massage tables with a glory hole, for one girl to give you a massage and the other girl to give you a blowjob.
Southeast Asia
Are there any good milking tables in Saigon? These are the massage tables with a glory hole, for one girl to give you a massage and the other girl to give you a blowjob.
Unfortunately, I have never found any milking table options anywhere in Vietnam. I would love to try a milking table with either one girl or two girls.
Nha Trang
That sucks. I don't see how they can stay in business for long if they are charging that kind of money and it's just a handjob for a happy ending.

Too bad there's no recourse. If they would have asked or cared about your experience, you could share with them what happened. But it sounds like they didn't care about you or your experience if they didn't even talk with you after you left the room.

Thanks for the heads up about this place. I will not be going here!