Tuan Tam Hot Toc Review - 84 Nguyen Phi Khanh

Tay Ninh, Vietnam

Well, this was my first time going to Nguyen Phi Khanh street, and my experience at this blowjob bar was 60% blowjob and 40% handjob.

After eating at Takashimaya Saigon Center, I was torn between going to Kim Huy Massage or a blowjob bar on Nguyen Phi Khanh street. My time was limited to 2 hours, and I cannot wait to get a release with a time limit because I have to meet my friends later. I decided on a quick visit to NPK instead of going for a massage, and my location was more favorable to Nguyen Phi Khanh street. I booked a Grab around Noon and asked him to drop me off at the north end of NPK, opposite of the Highlands Coffee.

As I walked on NPK, I was solicited by the captains, and they asked me to look of their girls. I was interested in this one girl, with a really good body, with b cup tits, but her face was average. We went upstairs to the second floor, and as we go upstairs, I picked the 400,000 VND that I expected to pay later.

The room was average size, with a massage bed, sink, table, and a single seat couch. Pictures are attached below. She asked me to take off my clothes, and said she will get the cleaning kit. When she went out, I took pictures of the room, hanged my clothes, and smoked a cigarette.

After 10 minutes, she comes back, and asked me to lay down. She uses the wet tissue and cleans my dick and balls, my upper body, and hands. She takes off her clothes and starts the blowjob, which I loved because she didn't even use her hand for about 10 minutes. She took a short break and blowjob again. She is making moaning sounds that seem fake because I haven't touched her yet or done anything to her body. I started fingering her pussy, and her moaning sounded more legitimate. After about 20 minutes, the blowjob feels she is beating my dick and hurts my balls some, and I push her back, and then she goes back to giving the blowjob. After the 30 minute mark, I am getting close to cumming. I pretended to not cum yet, and she sucked hard, and I release my cum in her mouth. After I cum, she keeps sucking my dick for another 2 minutes, and making sure it's dried up.

When she is finished, she gargled mouthwash really hard. I cant see her because I continued laying on the bed. And then she helps me get dressed, and she flirts with me for a little while until I recover from the blowjob and finish my bottle of water. Then she guides me downstairs and I leave.

Next time I am in Ho Chi Minh, I will visit NPK at night and try another hot toc on this street. I was there early in the day and some of the hot tocs were closed because I was there too early. But I will definitely come back here again because of the BBBJ and CIM.