Tuan Tam Hot Toc Review with Pictures - Nguyen Phi Khanh - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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This is a review with pictures for Tuan Tam Hot Toc located at 84 Nguyen Phi Khanh street in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. This is my third review for this particular blowjob bar in Ho Chi Minh. In my first review for Tuan Tam, I had an amazing blowjob with an unattractive girl. In my second review for Tuan Tam, I walked by and spontaneously chose an attractive girl sitting out front, but the blowjob turned into a handjob. Frustrating.

I've been staying busy, between traveling and exploring different places around Vietnam. I haven't had sex for a couple weeks, and I was back in Ho Chi Minh needing a release. I thought about going to Boss Palace in District 3, but the blowjob bars along Nguyen Phi Khanh street were only a 10 minute walk from where I was having lunch in District 1.



I arrived to Nguyen Phi Khanh on the east entrance, where a Phuc Long Coffee & Tea is on the corner, and walked westbound. I saw several "hot toc goi dau" places along this street, but there wasn't any captains standing out front, and I didn't feel like blindly walking in. I wanted a blowjob at Thien Huong Dat Hot Toc at 80 Nguyen Phi Khanh, but the front doors were locked and closed for the day. When I realized it was closed, the captain next door at Tuan Tam solicited me to come in for a massage and blowjob. Truthfully, I didn't want to come back here again. When he recognized I was hesitant, he said to come inside and choose any girl I want. And with that, I said I'll take a look.

He pressed the buzzer and opened the front doors. He yelled something in Vietnamese as I walked in. There was a lot of good natural light coming into the lobby area, and it was easy to see the girls. And wow, there were many girls here on this afternoon. I walked in, saw 2 girls to the right, another girl sitting in a chair, 2 girls sitting on the stairs, and in the back was the kitchen where 3 more girls were sleeping on the floor. At this point, usually the next girl in queue walks up and off we go, but this was different. Whatever the captain said, he told them I was here to look and choose the girl I want. He yelled a second time at the girls sleeping on the kitchen floor, and they woke up, yawned, and walked into the lobby area.

And here I was with 8 Vietnamese girls around me. It felt like time was standing still because I had all the time in the world to look over each girl. The girls didn't pay much attention to me, nor did they care I was there. The girls were standing in tight dresses waiting for me to choose. There were multiple girls I would have been happy with, but my eyes seemed to fixate towards 2 girls in particular. I used a hand gesture to say I would take either of the 2 girls, but neither girl really cared I was there or understood what I meant. I chose the girl I liked best, and we went upstairs.

At this point, I was very happy with my decision. This girl looked really good. She had beautiful skin, big breasts that were perfectly sized for her body, and great legs. We go upstairs, and she leads me into a private room. When we walk in, I was surprised to see how large this private massage room was. She said to wait for her and left the room. When she was gone, I took several pictures of the room and have included them in this post below. There was a massage table along one wall, with a mirror at the feet and a wash sink at the head. One wall had a bookcase with various things, and along the other wall was a chair and table. Music was playing from the speaker mounted above the door.

The girl returns to the room with a cleaning kit, draws a curtain across the door for added privacy, and gives me bottle of cold water. I take my shirt off, and she hangs it for me. I lay down on the massage table and take my shorts and boxers off. She asks if I want a massage on my back and shoulders, and I said no thank you. She goes to the cleaning kit for disinfectant wipes and takes her time cleaning between my legs. I'm laying on my back, naked, looking at this beautiful Vietnamese girl and already wanted to do more with her than a blowjob. I was very attracted to this girl, but there was something off about her personality and attitude. She had this very neutral attitude and didn't do anything to make me feel she wanted to be there. Part of me thinks she wasn't happy I chose her, or she was still tired from having to wake up from the kitchen floor. I don't expect award winning personalities at these places, but I wish the mood could have been more positive to make our time together more enjoyable. She takes my right hand and gives it a very thorough washing with soap and water, and asks me to move closer to the side of the massage table.

She pulls the top of her dress down revealing perfect breasts. She was young, beautiful, and her breasts were naturally large. She lifts up the bottom of her dress, but leaves her panties on. She places my hand on her breast and immediately starts to give me a blowjob. There was no nipple sucking, only blowjob. My hand is full with her perfectly firm breasts, and I feel a small piece of tape covering her nipples. Her nipple tape felt like soft skin and blended in perfectly with her breasts. I loved those breasts, but never got to feel her nipples. She had a great body, and my hands wanted to feel all of her, but she wouldn't let me get between her legs. She was wearing thin panties, but when I moved my hand into them, she would move my hand back out. I wasn't upset because I was happy to feel the rest of her beautiful Vietnamese body. She was young and her skin was ultra soft. Too bad her blowjob sucking skills was poor, but she did not use her hands and her mouth kept sucking away on me. She used a good amount of saliva, but I wish she sucked with more pressure. She voiced some fake moaning sounds that I never would have believed because of her neutral personality towards me.

After a reasonable amount of time, I think she was expecting me to cum, but I was having a hard time because this girl wasn't sucking that great. She puts some massage oil in her hand and starts to give me a good handjob, leaning over me so her big breasts touched me, and she continued the fake moaning sounds. I liked this girl's breasts more than I liked her personality, and she had me fully erect and hard. I think she wanted to continue the handjob, but I wanted to go back into her mouth. I put my hand on her back and gently pushed her downward. I had to do this a few times before she understood what I wanted. She uses the wash cloth to wipe the massage oil off and starts sucking away. When my hand squeezed her breast, I must have squeezed too hard because she grabbed my hand to let me know. And when I used my hand on her back to push her head down more, she didn't like this and moved my hand. The chemistry between us wasn't that great. I lifted my body into her at the moment she was going downward on me and released a full backlog of cum deep into her mouth. I haven't had sex for a couple weeks and this was a huge load. She was definitely not expecting this, and I shot deep into her throat and filled her mouth too much. She gagged and went fast to the sink and started coughing hard! Over and over again, she kept trying to cough it all out. She spit into the sink many times, used a mouthwash multiple times, and repeatedly coughed loud. I should have probably warned her I was about to cum, because she wasn't prepared for it.

I wish she would have kept sucking on me as I was shooting my load because that happy ending felt too abrupt. The way she was coughing loudly, over and over again, I thought she was upset at me. Afterwards, she continued her neutral attitude towards me. She wiped me clean between my legs quickly, and motioned that I could get dressed. There was no smiling, no flirting, no fake notions to make me think she was happy to bring me pleasure. If her personality and attitude had been better, I would have asked for her name because I would try to get more creative next time with her, but it was clear that aside from her beautiful looks, I wouldn't want to bother her again for another blowjob. I get dressed, and she collects the bedding and towels from the massage table. I give her 400,000 VND ($17 USD) as we walk out of the room. She counted the money, but didn't say thank you or seem to care.

When we head down the stairs, I walk slowly to look at the different girls hanging out in the lobby area. Some were laying down with open legs, some with no panties, and none of them were smiling or appeared to be happy. I have mixed feelings about this place. This hot toc seems to have relatively better looking girls than other hot tocs on Nguyen Phi Khanh street, but the service with a smile has been lacking. It's challenging to get a good blowjob from a beautiful girl in Vietnam. It's one or the other, but not both. I will keep trying.


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