Tuan Tam Hot Toc - Second Review - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Southeast Asia
This is my second review for Tuan Tam Hot Toc located at 84 Nguyen Phi Khanh street in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

I'm back in Ho Chi Minh needing a blowjob. Looking at the map, I realized I'm a few minutes from Nguyen Phi Khanh street and decided to head that direction. I was undecided between going back for a blowjob at Thien Phu Hot Toc or trying someplace new on this street.

As I mentioned in my first review for Tuan Tam, the blowjob was excellent, but the girls were not attractive. I had no plans to come back here, but as I was walking down the Nguyen Phi Khanh street, I noticed a really cute girl sitting out front. There's usually a guy out front trying to solicit customers, but not this evening. I was walking along and expecting her to solicit me to come inside, but she did nothing of the sort. She looked up at me and then back at her phone. I thought if I'm going to go back here again, then I will ask for her because she looked very good.

I walk over and she motions me to go inside, where I assume I would get the next girl in rotation. I stopped in front of her and said I choose her. She seemed surprised to hear this, and I confirmed again I want her. She said ok, grabbed me by the hand, and pulled me behind her. Her hand had a firm grip of my hand, and she wouldn't let go. We walked inside, up the spiral stairs, and into a private massage room on the second floor. She told me to get undressed and left the room. While she was gone, I took a few pictures of the room, and I've attached them to this post.

She returned after a few minutes with a cleaning kit and a small bottle of cold water. I say thank you in English for the water, and she corrects me and explains how to say thank you in Vietnamese. I smile and she helps me take my shirt off. She tells me to lay down on my back on the massage table, and she pulls my pants and underwear down to my knees. She takes a wet washcloth and wipes me all over, and does the same thing again with some disinfectant wipes. I was excited because this young girl was attractive and had a very nice body.

She removes her underwear, pulls the top of her dress down, and the bottom of her dress up. She had beautiful breasts, a great body with no stretch marks, very nice legs, and smooth soft skin. She starts to suck on my nipples, and her hand starts to fondle me. She went back and forth on my nipples more than I was expecting, but I was aroused because I was attracted to her. I was getting hard and she brings her mouth down to give me a blowjob, but she never gave me a blowjob. She kissed the tip a few times, and continued to give me a handjob. My hand was feeling her soft skin, and I was continuing to get turned on more. She kissed my nipples more, and her hand stayed there with the handjob. I thought she was going to start giving me a blowjob, but she never did. I didn't understand. She stopped for a quick moment and grabbed some rubbing oil. She put the oil on her hand, and started back with the handjob. I was disappointed because once she put the rubbing oil on me, I knew she wasn't going to go down on me. Here I am with a beautiful girl giving me a good handjob, but I wanted a blowjob and that was frustrating. My hand moved to her full breasts, but I couldn't tell if she was being turned on or feeling ticklish from rubbing her nipples. I accepted this was only going to be a handjob, and didn't try to hold anything back. As I moaned, preparing to climax, she brought her other hand over to help with the handjob. And when I released, she followed through and continued with the handjob to the point it was almost too much. Too bad it wasn't a blowjob because I really wanted to cum in her mouth.

Afterwards, she walks out of the room to wash her hands. She comes back and cleans me up. She asked me where I'm from and I say America. If this girl had given me a good blowjob, I would have asked for her name, and continued to be a repeat client. I didn't ask why she didn't give me a blowjob because I wasn't coming back. She told me she is from Ho Chi Minh. She asked if I was married, and was surprised when I said no. She said I am very handsome and that she likes me. I hand her 400,000 VND ($17 USD) and follow her out of the room.

When we go down the stairs, I walked behind her slowly, taking time to observe the girls lounging around the couches and watching television. None of these girls looked good. None of them. All of them were very heavy and overweight. I didn't see one girl that I would hook up with. She says thank you (in English) and I walk out. There was one guy sitting out front, preoccupied on his phone. After I walked away some, I turn around and take a photo of the front of the hot toc.

The first time I came here, I had an amazing blowjob by a very unattractive girl. This second time was a very good looking girl, but it was only a good handjob. I don't plan to come back here again. The next time I come to Nguyen Phi Khanh street, I'm going to try a different blowjob bar.


Logan, great detailed report, thanks.

I've never heard of anyone not getting a bj at these places before. Like ordering a steak in a restaurant and getting served a banh mi - and charged for the steak.

Unfortunately Tuan Tam was one of the first to start charging foreigners 400k. It was popularised by the Pattaya forums as being so much cheaper than Thailand, girls much cuter than Lolitas, Som's etc. And they were. Now not so much.

I remember the price for foreigners was 300k and one day when I paid the girl downstairs (mama was not there) she demanded 400. I had to go outside and drag the old door guy (the mama's husband I think) in and tell him to sort them out. The girls found this very amsusing. Thereafter they used to laugh and hold up three fingers when they saw me. And I got substantially better service.

Did it cross your mind that the girl might have been trying it on because there was no manager around, and she appeared to be minding the shop ?

A year or two later I took two friends and they were told 500k and hastily agreed to 400. Prices go up. I think they both paid 500k anyway.

Quality has certainly tanked there. Your descriptions of the line up are spot on. It does change of course, but I have never seen so many fatties in an NPK hot toc. And there used to be some real stars there.