Vietnam Massage Girls with Photos

Thanks for the info bro..just messaged her this afternoon and getting the 1 hour just incase, she turns out to be the same person with the picture. She is quite friendly and can speak english, chinese and korean.
Her rates are 1hour, 1night and 20hours.

Very satisfied with the service, now im extending her for 20 hours.
Talked abit with her, she is actually a mama san (pimp) also.
She have a few girls under her, so u can try n enquire about them.

I will update again tomorrow, but so far she is okay, she never ask for money upfront.
Just wonder how you extended 20h more with her :D
Hey bro, so no problem to just message that Julie and ask her about her available girls? Does she speak decent english?

Apologies if this has been covered, but don't recall seeing it.

Yes she was fine, she’s very professional. Just let her know you found her contact online. It’s her business, she didn’t seem offended at all
Ok so the girl that rocked up was not from the guy told me the other one is sick...blah blah
She did the same shamozzle ....the money is for my boss and give me more
So I called up my guy who messaged her and it was all smoothed
She was 5-6/10. Pretty tall ugly face though.
But she let me have my way was pretty good....
His line I’d (published with permission) is micrazy6868
Have his mobile number but PM me for that
To summarise, he has average looking girls....and although was a little miss on the girl....he was a hit on reliability.
So when dealing with him tell him in no uncertain terms
1) you will send the girl back without hesitation
2) he is answerable to you and you trust him to do the right thing

I will try another girl from him tomorrow
For those that like to do things in the comfort of their own bedroom rather than a seedy hotel, this might be an ok option
Please mention to him thaivisitor1234 sent you. I do not benefit in any other way than of goodwill
Take care
Hey man, as a matter of fact, i am in contact with this person now lol