Vietnam Massage Girls with Photos

From my personal experience, it always better to meet in the lobby or reception. Cause there is a lot of bait and switch or photoshop girl online so it easier to bail out in the lobby than have a drama in the room ...

Hello Wutwutwut and welcome here :D
How can I contact her?
Sorry my friend.. I could ask her, but I'm actually trying to keep distance from these girls, for personal reason..but if you still REALLY want to contact her, try Line.. She fly back and forth from Ha noi and Q1, so you're going to have to go base on luck..

She'll still use the same picture, but if you want to double check, ask for video chat. If it's her, she'll confirm it.

Not to advertise, she's actually good in bed...
13 years experience here in HCMC - best freelance girl ive EVER met - goes by K - whats app +61409712633
I know K, she's for real but she's stopping working, and no longer available. Going back to Australia I think. Also getting sick of hassle she's been getting cos her number's been shared here... Coconut 11, can you take her number down?
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It's an Australian phone number. Vietnam is +84. Australia is +61.
Hoping that Coconut1 can shed some light on why she uses an Aussie phone number.
I know K, she spends half her time in Australia. Trouble is posting her number here has led to her getting unwanted and abusive messages from punters on here not believing she's for real. This is upsetting her and she wants it known she's no longer working because of this.