Vietnam Massage Girls with Photos

This Line girl in Ho Chi Minh was not expecting me to ask her how much for a few days together. I think you could have definitely bargained with this girl on price for a few days of GFE because she didn't expect the question and I had to explain. And her initial price was reasonable, the same as her price for overnight. And she looks good in the photos she sent.

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Dude you got catfished. That's Elly Tran
It's only applicable for mobile number for certain region. Therefore you may need a new account in Vietnam mobile number to have it work.
That's a pain in the ass I wondered why I couldn't get it to work.

I'm in Hanoi next week and would like to pay a girl to come back to my room. What would you guys recommend then if I only have a UK mobile number?

I matched with a girl on tinder who offered sex 2m VND for the day though... and she was about a 5.

I cant get weChat to register me, I have Line working without find nearby.
This massage girl is in Ho Chi Minh, District 5, and is $60 USD for 1 hour. I did not try bargaining, but you should because that price is too high. She definitely appears real, because she provides a couple photos, and I've also included some screenshots from all the personal photos she shares on her Line profile. And there is her WeChat ID if anyone is interested in her. Good luck!

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Apparently Could not find this contact, by any chance you have this contact with you?
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Newbie here. I belong to the breed of guys who had, at one point in their life, make a vow to never pay for sex, not because i think its wrong or something but just like that. Anyways this girl had messaged me on the line app and man... from the pics she looked fine as hell. Although i still wasnt sure if i wanted to go ahead with banging her after paying, i decided to consider should there be a time when i m horny as fuck with no date around.

And the day finally came.. I had asked her for more pics and she sent me dozens of them which just made me so so very sure that it would be her and not a pimp. We fixed a time and I asked her to meet me at my apartment lobby. Right on time a girl with lots of make up entered (its funny how easy it is to spot these girls). But it wasn't her. A very beautiful one, i must admit, but NOT HER.

Stupid me did not want any random girl to be my first paid encounter (haha). So i politely refused, gave her 40,000 VND for her fuel expenses and headed back to my apartment to play some God of war.

Did a reverse google search on her images and found out that this chic's a famous Vietnamese Instagrammer. All the pictures that had been shared with me, were in her profile :)

The pics belong to this chic with the IG handle "vinhnhuu". I m pretty sure she isnt selling her pussy for 1.6 million VND :)
Whats the wecha t or line no
Update. Even though the girl claims she never went P4P, she sent me her nude pics (and videos), saying she took them earlier for a FWB. Wondering how she took the videos.
Did you meet her ? If it was good experience then let me know . I am going to HCMC this Friday .