Vietnamese massage girls don't look the same as their photos

Ho Chi Minh
I have been in Ho Chi Minh since August 3, and I wanted to try Queen Bee Massage, but I'm reluctant...

After last night's experiences, when I booked girls online three times, I had to send them all back. They were not the same girls that were in the pictures :cry:

This is an expensive way to learn this.
i am in hcm since aug 3 and i wanted to try this place but a bit reluctant to it, anyhow after last night’s experience where i booked girls online x3, i all had them sent back. they were not who they say they are in the pictures 😭. expensive way to learn it
That sucks mate. Which site did you order the girls from and why did it cost you money if you had to send the girls away for being fakes?
Ho Chi Minh
but i learned, now i know what to do, I will not meet them in the hotel lobby and will simply decline them if they are not who they say they are. it just that i don't want them to make any bad scene in the hotel
Live and learn mate. Logan had a good tip with meeting girls at a cafe nearby and I can't remember who said to video call them to confirm so you don't get any surprises.