Vietnamese Parachutists - Full Service girls only by word-of-mouth

San Jose, CA
Spoke to my cousins over the weekend and they told me about a group of pretty girls they know that offer their full services only by word-of-mouth. These girls are known as "parachutists"/paratroopers and supposedly come to a man's aid for some change. I liken they probably use Kynu as well (can't stay busy enough by referral), but the biggest problem with Kynu is that there are pimps and fake pictures, since the girls have to weed out the real clients from the po-po/5-0.

Once they know you're not the authorities, they'll probably want to repeat, and are open to referrals.

Prostitution is illegal in Vietnam. Often looked the other way, but still illegal. I think the Gov't there wants to control it, so it is overlooked in designated areas such as Little Japan, Bui Vien, etc.
San Jose, CA
I will be in HCMC and then Danang in 2 weeks. I will be there for 18 days. Inbox me for details as i will have a local SIM card once in country. I can make the referrals after i've sampled them.

My cousins have lived in HCMC for the last 40+ years so they help me supplement my freelancer fetish on top of these NPK tried-and-true though sans FS places.
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I will be in on the 4th week of September. Anyone here have any connections that can point me to some beautiful ladies that I can spend some time with?
I won't be there till next year. If I decide Vietnam instead over Philippines. Just really wanted to know these parachutists.