Virgin Post

Hey boys,

Just joined the forum and I'm impressed with the amount of info shared here. I travel to Saigon on a monthly basis and never did have a lot of time to explore.

So I'm heading to Kim Huy Massage now. I'll post my Virgin review for y'all. Be right back!
I´m also new here. I will be in HCM in december. But I have question about vietnamise girls. Do they do anal? Not that they have to, but just for intrest. In there is no word for it.
Kiss - just kiss, i think
Breast kiss- just nipple tease
Dredge chute- I dont know what this means?
HJ, BJ- clear
Clean the WC- rimming
Cum in alo- cum in mouth
Play the hole- Maybe fingering?
Squeeze the breast- tits touching
Play some- ?
Overnight- understood

This is the list of services. I dont know what means "Dredge chute" and "play some". I think, that this doesnt mean backdoor
Hmmm. I think might need some veterans to clarify on it as the terms that I'm familiar with is different. Eg rimming for me means ass rimming. But here, sometimes it means they play around your balls and that's "rimming"
"Play some" is threesome, they often link a 2nd profile for the other girl they'll threesome with.

"Play the hole" is sometimes listed as "play the second hole", I think that's anal.