Why Danang is quintessentially exotic and unique.

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I am going to keep this short since i still need to write my HCMC Saigon Airbnb reviews of the 3 places i stayed at since they are long overdue.

In Danang, you will see plenty of gals who ride around Danang City on motorbikes, especially on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Coincidentally, they also stop spontaneously along the 5 main bridges that connect the Hai Chau side to the Hai Bac and Hai Dong ("eastern seaboard) and My An areas. These bridges transcend the Han river. The biggest attraction of these 5 bridges is the Dragon bridge ("Cau Rong") which breathes smoke and water at around 9pm and i believe 10pm.

Like the Golden Gate bridge, there is a walking platform and this is where many locals, students, lovers, etc., take in the picturesque backdrop of a myriad of flashy buildings, similar to Las Vegas on a smaller scale.

The Dragon bridge often gets bottle-necked, but congestion in Vietnam is not as bad as the States, as all the vehicles are on a smaller scale. Do yourself a favor and get your motorcycle license in your homeland, and buy that International Drivers license. As many cousins and recent emigres to the States have told me, the Police ("Canh Sat") will pretty much let you go if you have all your paperwork made available. Even if it is a foreign motorcycle license,

It was pulling off to the side to take pictures with my GoPros and Iphone that i met this gal. There are seemingly more girls than guys on leisure time. Makes sense, as the guys are mostly working Grab bikes or deliveries or Security guards, etc. and the endless Hotels ("Khach Sans") that have sprouted up in Danang.

A major road that runs along the entire beach side is Vo Nguyen Giap street commemorating the legendary General. This street turns into a expressway leading all the way down to Hoi An.


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From the Northwestern most area of Danang City, you will find the New Phuong Dong club. This is the very same club that i visited in HCMC Saigon for the 1st time back in 1999. But by Danang standards, this is by far not the best club. Back in 1999, Phuong Dong was the best club in HCMC Saigon, which is a bigger, and more metropolitan city.

So where are the best clubs in Danang City? The highest sky bar is Sky36, located in the Novotel building.

The best clubs/bars in Danang are the Golden Pine Club and the New Oriental. There is also 1 other one where mostly Vietnamese girls go into dressed to the 10's, and Danang girls are more pretty per se, prettier than girls in HCMC Saigon. Again, this is simply 1 man's opinion and should be treated as such, an opinion.

And one would think they are darker due to Danang being a beachside town, but again, wrong. They are lighter in general.

You can simply be at peace and enjoyment enjoying the landscape on a motorbike and mingling with the locals. They might even show you everything.


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I obtained 6 quality female numbers in 3.5 days and got countless smiles from single girls and 2-girls on motorbikes. I achieved this by making an effort, and also tipping my Grab driver who drove me to pick up and drop-off my motorbike rental, and also the limo driver who drove me to Danang airport.

I also speak the language fluently, but even then, you have to know how to put a smile or a laugh on someone's face. This was not easy, it was hard, especially for someone who for the first time visited amazing Danang. I had to figure it out fast if i was going to get any.