Windy 2 Massage , Koi Massage & EVA Massage?

Tay Ninh, Vietnam
Hi guys has anyone of you gone in anyone of this massage parlors? any info about the services? i got the idea about the price of each massage places but i want to know about the services that comes in pakages? any info or help in appreciated. ;)
I know of prostate milking, they do it here in AU using the milking table..... what exactly is a 'machine' prostate milking?
Ain't nobody sticking a unit to my udder! Lol.....
I don't believe something is put on your unit. Instead, an electrode of some sort is inserted in your rectum - similar to how semen is collected from bulls for artificial insemination.
Tay Ninh, Vietnam
so any info about those 3 massages? im not asking about that prostate milking, im asking about the services and if they really do BJ there or even FS?
Bro got any info about these 3 massage places? if any you can DM me thanks

I have not been to any of these 3 massage places discussed on this thread you started. As you know, i am into freelancers, some of which i compiled the 1st night we met and on my 1st trip. Since then, i've compiled only freelancers in HCMC and Danang and 2 from hot tocs that offer FS, and that's it.

I am dating a gal i met on my 2nd trip, and have only gotten FS from her and only gone to NPKs and Tiffany's Spa (once) and Queen Bee (bailed without going with anyone due to low looks ratings). Danang however, since i spent a lot of time there both trips, i have a good enough less than a handful.

I am not a massage place guy except for LD4, where it is legit unless you can woo the gal to go out with you and bed her that way.

Only best advice i can give you is stop chasing FS for 1M or less. It's hard to find and at that price point, it's not worth it.

The best value is at 2M or 2.3M ($100 USD) or FREE from cultivating a real, normal relationship, which costs money indirectly.

Hope this helps. Good luck. And to each their own, including price point.