Wood Bar Review - Bangkok, Thailand

Yesterday, I had a blowjob at Duangporn's Haven.

Today I went to Chrome Bar in Bangkok around 10:40am, which was too early in the morning. They said no girls are available until 11:00am.

I crossed the street and went to Wood Bar in Bangkok, where there were only two girls available, and I picked the better looking one. The choices were not that great. I paid the fee and we head upstairs together.

Upstairs, I see a skinny young Thai girl, and I asked to switch girls, but was told she was busy. WTF!

I reluctantly started, but by the time I cum, the blowjob took longer than usual because I know I was gipped.

I'm not having much luck with the blowjob bars in Bangkok.

I will try 7-Heaven in Bangkok next, but if that doesn't go well, I am going to consider giving up.