Xông Hơi Xoa Bóp

Ho Chi Minh City
Seeing as no one has ever mentioned it, through a spirit of public service I wanted to bring to the groups attention these plentiful and numerous venues.

Xong hoi xao bop, it losely translates as sauna and massage, they tend to be the lower order of massage places like Neko, Zues etc, but the essential routine is the same. Go into a room, undress, sauna/steam followed by girl washing you, then massage, then happy ending can be either BBBJ with CIM or HJ finish depending on the girl.

Some are not very fancy but what they lack in gaudy tack they make up in their sheer volume. Ever corner of the city has there own Xong Hoi, and if you're driving around on your bike, you'll start to notice how numerous they are.

They do vary considerably from fairly chic to quite rustic, but for me that is all part of the exploring charm. Most are all very upfront with what you pay for room and tip, some you my need to negotiate the tip with the girl.

Also trust your gut, if it looks seedy it probably is!