Zeus Massage - 1st shots fired

1st time in Vietnam. 1st time in HCMC. 1st time spent in Zeus Massage.

Very easy to spot. Hard to miss. Most of the other reviews by the seniors here are right, w a few exceptions. I arrived at about 3pm on a weekend by Grab, all hot and loaded. Smiled at e guard at e entrance and he waved me in while radio-ing up. Took a few steps and arrived at the waiting room/lounge. It was quite empty perhaps because it’s early in the day. Only 1 local was ahead of me. Soon I was ushered to choose my girls with a list of options in front of me. Thanks to earlier reviews, I knew what I wanted and have already separated the cash.

1,000,000 VND for 70min 1 girl 1 shot

Didn’t really see the other options clearer but there was a 90min 2 shot option and higher prices gave you either more girls or bigger rooms.

There were 4 girls listed on the iPad w touched up photos, height, weight and circumferences. The counter lady saw that I was conflicted and pointed to the last lady. I agreed.

A short 5min wait later I was brought into my room by a ‘waiter’ who was all meek and smiley. Once the doors opened my lady was inside already. She looked better then the photos honestly, w a mini tube skirt and a plunging neckline (might as well do t wear anything). The sessions begun.

Hot Sauna was steamy ++. Dry sauna cold. Then came the shower which I enjoyed. I personally love ‘service’ hence I chose a massage place vs NPK for the first time.

Her massage was thorough albeit light, w oil then w hot stones. As I dozed in and out of sleep enjoying e massage, I heard the characteristic squeeze from a gel bottle and I knew the next part has started. She took off her top and slid her breasts on my back for a few times before asking me to turn. She did the same on my chest and that turned me on slightly.

She dried herself off and put on her top before starting e sensual massage and a slow HJ. As I got harder she went down and licked my balls before commencing e BJ. Arguably by western standards I’m not big but I found it a slight turn off that she didn’t even attempt to go all e way. Just half way down e shaft. But it was good. Not the best techniques I’ve had (the best I’ve had was a girl I met on Tinder in Puerto Rico) but good enough. She was beautiful w a good sized rack for my liking. Skin was soft.

As I was nearing she stopped and continued w a HJ as she layed across my chest and side, giving me better acces under the top. I came into a towel and that was it. She cleaned me up, went to gargle and showered me once again. I left happy, but not satisfied. But too tired then for another shot.

Same waiter came all smiley and saying he has been good waiter. I tipped him 50k and left straight.

Zeus is fuss free. Ladies are pretty. The 4 I had an option to choose from were 24-25 years of age but looked much younger.

For 1,000,000 I wouldn’t mind coming back. But maybe at a later time. Bangkok seems to have e best service I’ve had so far, but I Guess you also pay for e Vietnamese girls looks.

Am scouting out Little Tokyo as I type this. It’s only 10-11am and the massage parlours are full of beautiful ladies in ao dai.

Maybe my last shot before I leave?