Zeus Massage Review - Ho Chi Minh, District 1

Tay Ninh, Vietnam
I arrived at Zeus Massage in Ho Chi Minh District 1 around 1:45pm, and the attendant outside led me upstairs to the waiting area. I sat there and the girl told me to wait around 20 minutes for my turn, because when I arrived there, the waiting area was packed with around 8 Korean guys waiting, and I waited around 30 to 40 minutes, and then it turned into an hour because they had an Internet problem.

The lobby girl said it's my turn for the massage, and she told me to wait 5 more minutes. She could tell my face was full of frustration, and she handed me another bottle of water. When the room was ready, a guy tells her, and she called me up. I pay 1,400,000 VND for the the VIP massage package, and a guy escorted me to the VIP massage room above the lobby.

The wait for the massage girl was not too long, around 2 minutes. I got into the wet sauna for around 5 minutes, and as @Logan said, maybe the herbs in the wet sauna was making my nose and face a little irritated. I had to get out out of the wet sauna, and went into the dry sauna for another 5 minutes. I got out out of the dry sauna, and the massage girl assisted me into the bathtub to shower me.

After the shower, she asked me to lay down chest first on the massage bed. She takes off her clothes, and only her panties remain, and I was like oh shit, I was wondering what she would do. Then she put massage oil on my back, and I saw her put massage oil on her chest as well. She stand next to me, and she rubs her chest against my back area, but I couldn't feel anything, maybe it's because of the massage oil that she used.

After around 5 minutes, she asked me to turn over, and she asked me if I want my dick to be massaged, and I said yes without any hesitation. She gives me a blowjob, and it's quite good actually, but here is the sad part. As she was giving me a blowjob, the only part I could touch was the outside wall of her vagina. I could not finger inside her, unlike Phung Thuy Massage lets me finger inside the massage girl. She gave me a blowjob for around 25 minutes, and my dick just couldn't explode. Her technique was not that good, and after 30 minutes, I cummed, and I can see a sign of relief on her part that I finally exploded.

After the blowjob, she gives me another shower and asked me to lie down for the actual massage, and after 15 minutes, she gives me another blowjob, but she demanded that I should cum in 10 minutes, and I was like you cannot force my cock to cum in that time, so she gives me a blowjob for 5 minutes and a handjob for the remaining 5 minutes, and I just couldn't cum. After that 10 minutes, she left me in the bed, and she starts to dress up, and I was beating my dick to cum. After I cum, I put myself in the bathtub, and she starts to clean my body. After that, I dress up as well, and leave the room and into the lobby.

When I arrive to the lobby, the schedule girl asked me if everything was good. She could see my face was frustrated, and that I was not pleased with the service from the massage girl. I asked for another bottle of water and left.

If you ask me if Zeus Massage is good or not, man i don't know. Maybe it depends on the time you get your massage, and maybe it's because it was a Sunday, but if you ask me if I would go back to Zeus Massage later? Hell no, I'm going to Phung Thuy Massage before going to Zeus Massage. Or maybe I will book a working girl from Kynu.net for a much better experience rather than pay 1,400,000 VND at Zeus Massage where you cannot relax because the massage girl hurries you to cum.

Well, that was my experience in Zeus Massage in Ho Chi Minh.
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