Zeus Massage Review - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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This review is for Zeus Massage at 359 Pham Ngu Lao in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

Zeus Massage in District 1 and Boss Palace in District 3 are two massage parlors offering blowjobs that I've been wanting to visit. I first heard about Zeus Massage from the local Vietnamese men, but I also read in the Vietnam news about Zeus Massage being raided by the Saigon police for providing sex services. Needless to say, I was feeling some anxiety about this place, but my testosterone got the best of me and after a long weekend, my body needed a massage and blowjob.

Zeus Massage is very easy to find. Located in District 1, it's clear and easy to see as you're walking along Pham Ngu Lao, which is a major street near the popular Bui Vien area. At the ground level, where you walk in, there's an area for moto parking and a security guard who appeared to be very vigilant with anyone coming onto the premises. As soon as I started to walk in, he immediately radioed something to the people above, and he motioned me into the elevator. I went up one level, walked out into a hallway with no instructions of where to go next. Turning left off the elevator, you enter a bar/lobby area for guests.

The lobby looked relaxing and was very busy with customers waiting. There are 8 huge, comfortable, plush, reclining chairs separated by end tables and a huge television screen playing American movies on the wall. Behind the reclining chairs is the bar area, where you enter from the hallway, and a Vietnamese man and woman are there to offer different massage packages.

A laminated menu was handed to me, and the girl explained the different massage packages available:
  • 1 girl for 70 minutes for 1,000,000 VND ($43 USD)
  • 1 girl for 100 minutes for 1,400,000 VND ($60 USD)
  • 2 girls for 100 minutes for 1,800,000 VND ($78 USD)
She said the tip was included and this was all I had to pay. And she made sure I read and understood the bottom line of the menu, which said absolutely "no sex is provided". I've never seen anywhere be this up front and forward with making sure the client understood this, and I suspect it's because of the police raid that occurred in June 2018. I nodded, said I understand, and chose the cheapest massage package.

She walked me to the side of the bar, where an iPad was setup to show the massage girls. From what I read about this place, I was under the impression they let customers choose from different girls. This didn't happen to me, and I honestly think it was because this place was very busy and there weren't many girls readily available. This was a Monday afternoon, and I didn't expect it to be too busy, but as I mentioned before, every reclining chair in the lounge area was filled up with customers waiting for their massage rooms to be available.

She showed me a girl on the iPad and said this was the next available massage girl. The girl was 22 years old, 43 kg, and looked very good in her pictures. I agreed, however I think if I didn't like her, I could have said I want to choose another girl and it would have been fine. She asked me for 1,000,000 VND ($43 USD), which I paid, and said to relax for a few minutes while my massage room is made ready.

Looking around the lounge area, the chairs were filled with Vietnamese local men and Asian foreigners, who appeared to be travelers because they were there with their luggage from the airport. Nobody was paying attention to the television; everyone was relaxing and staring at their phones. One of the lounge chairs was available, and I was told to relax and wait a few minutes. The chairs are very big, designed strictly for relaxing because you're entire body is stretched out. When I sat down, one of the men brought me a bottle of water and a plate of fresh fruit. As I was sitting there, I watched the man come to the chairs letting customers know their massage room was ready, and they were very busy and productive handling the customers. I expected my wait to be around 5 minutes, but I sat there for a good 15 minutes before my massage room was ready. And again, I think it was because this place was too busy and they were managing the girls/rooms/customers as efficient as they could.

When my room was ready, I followed a man to the elevator and went up another floor. The hallway was well lit, and he brought me to my room. Entering the massage room, the environment quickly changes to a darker room, with the glow of purple neon lights and relaxing music playing in the background. There are many things setup inside, making the room feel a bit cramped, but it still works well. There's a nice massage table along the wall, with a hole cutout in the middle of the table for a man to comfortably lay on his chest. On the back wall, separated, is a dry sauna and wet sauna. There's also a medium sized bathtub against one wall, and a small sink and sitting chair along the other wall. It appears the girl was taking her time to prepare and make sure room is setup and very clean, with fresh towels and drawing water for the bath.

Unfortunately, my massage girl didn't look as good as the photos shown on the iPad. The photos were obviously a year or two older before she gained some weight. She was still young, looked above average, but her photos had the right angles and filters to make her look better than in person. Her personality was all smiles and very friendly, and her skin was soft and smooth. She was playful and really cared about making me feel comfortable and giving me a good experience. She helped remove my clothes, and hung them on a clothes rack mounted high up on the wall, making it easy for me to always see my clothes.

As I was standing their naked, her hands played on my body for a few moments before she grabbed a fresh towel and motioned for me to enter the wet sauna to relax. Entering the sauna, my feet slipped on the wet floor, and I tried not to fall and hurt myself. Luckily, I was able to fall into the chair, but I fell hard, and she apologized. She walked to the front of the room, opened the door, yelled something in Vietnamese, and a few moments later, a man brought her some rubber shower sandals. She brought the shower sandals to me, and of course they were too small, but they were good enough. She truly felt sorry about me falling and kept smiling and trying to make me feel better.

Wet Sauna
Sitting in the wet sauna, naked, alone, I could see her taking care of things in the room, primarily taking care of getting the bath ready. The wet sauna was very hot, and I felt uncomfortable from the moment I sat down and tried to relax. I don't know if it was because of the high temperatures or the eucalyptus affect of the wet sauna, but my throat and nose didn't feel good when I breathed in, and my eyes didn't react well either. I wasn't sure how long I was supposed to sit in there, but I tried to relax, and occasionally used the towel to wipe moisture from my body. After about 5 to 10 minutes, I couldn't take anymore, and I opened the wet sauna door. She quickly came to me, assisting me as I walked out slowly, and helped me into the adjacent dry sauna.

Dry Sauna
The dry sauna felt much better than the wet sauna, and I was able to relax more in here. Sitting inside the sauna, there's hot coals against the wall, and next to me was a wooden bowl filled with water. When I wanted the temperature to increase, I used a wooden spoon to pour water on the coals, and continued to relax. I was in the sauna for a good 10 to 15 minutes, occasionally using the towel to wipe sweat from my body. I need more dry sauna time in my life because my muscles and joints felt very relaxed. I noticed the girl finished getting the bath ready, and was sitting in the chair waiting for me to finish. I opened the dry sauna door, and she quickly got up and helped me out of the dry sauna and into the bathtub. My body was very wet getting out of the sauna, and everything was slippery, making it difficult to get into the bath tub without falling. She then stepped away for a moment, opened the door, yelled something in Vietnamese, and a man brought her some bottles of water. She helped me drink water to rehydrate myself after my lengthy time in the sauna.

There's a small seat built inside the bathtub. I sat there and this girl did everything, taking time to wash every part of my body using the right amount of touch to play and clean. She soaped me up all over, slowly rinsed me off, and used a fresh towel to dry me off everywhere. She was wearing a tight shirt with medium breasts that were ready to burst out, and a short skirt with nice legs. I wish she looked better, but I wasn't complaining because she had a good attitude, was attentive, and paid attention to taking care of my body. After my body was feeling fresh and clean, she helped me slowly get out of the bathtub and onto the nearby massage table.

Dry Massage
I was laying naked, on my back, on the massage table feeling clean and relaxed. I closed my eyes, listened to the relaxing spa music in the background, and tried to relax and clear my mind from the worries of the day. My girl used her hands to start massaging my head, from the temples along the side of my head between my ears and my eyes to my forehead. She took her time, and nothing about it felt mechanical. From my head, she moved her hands towards my chest and arms, taking time to massage every muscle with the right amount of pressure. She moved to the bottom of the massage table, taking time to massage my legs and feet. She pulled on each toe until they popped, and took her time to make sure I was feeling relaxed. She had me flip over onto my chest, and she took her time massaging my back, shoulders, and the back of my legs. This was not the best massage I ever had, but it was still good, did not feel rushed, and she was really trying to make me feel good.

Oil Massage
I continued to lay naked on my chest, and she got up and brought some oil to the massage table. She put oil in her hands, and took her time massaging the back of my body, stopping every few moments to put more oil on her hands. The oil massage felt good, and she moved to each side of my body to focus on each part. After several minutes, she went for a fresh towel by the sink and took the time to wipe the oil from my back. At this point, I had completely lost track of time, and I was expecting my session to be ending soon and was ready for a good blowjob. But that didn't happen, and I was surprised more oil and massage treatment was about to happen.

Hot Stone Oil Massage
With my body cleaned up after the oil massage, I continued to lay naked on my chest on the massage table. She brings to the bed a bottle filled with a different oil, and squeezes it all over the back of my body. It felt mildly cold at first, but her hands warmed it up quick and she rubbed me all over and it felt good. She then placed several hot stones all over my back, and lets the hot stones rest on me for a few minutes. The stones made my entire back feel good and I continued to relax more and more. She then takes the different hot stones and slowly rubs them across my back and legs, and the stones glided smoothly from the oil she put on me previously.

She removes the stones, places a towel on my back, and puts all the hot stones along the spine of my back and lets them rest. She then takes more oil and starts to massage each side of my back, using a good amount of pressure, before massaging the back of my legs. She grabs the towel off my back, allowing it to pick up all the stones at the same time, and sets them off to the side while she gives me one more good oil massage on my back.

Body Oil Massage
I was ready for my blowjob now, but there still more oil and massage treatment coming. I am still laying on my chest, naked, with relaxed muscles from the hot stone treatment. She takes the bottle and puts more oil on my body, and I suddenly feel her body rubbing across my legs. It felt slippery and warm. My girl had lifted up her shirt, and was using her breasts to give me a slippery wet body massage. I didn't expect things to get any better, but this was more than I hoped for. After her breasts massaged both of my legs, she got onto the table and rubbed her slippery oil covered breasts all across my back. Her nipples felt good as they pressed into my skin. She has me flip over onto my back, and her breasts are dripping with oil, and she rubs her breasts around my legs and back and forth across my torso and chest. I probably should have been more aroused at this point, but this constant massage treatment had put my state of mind into a very relaxed slumber. I was definitely getting my full massage time, nothing about this experience felt rushed, and I never saw her look at a clock. This girl's body oil massage now had me thinking about getting a full naked Nuru oil body massage in the near future. And even though she didn't look as good as her photos, she had very beautiful breasts with nipples popping out firmly, and they felt good on my body.

After her breasts, covered in oil, were finished rubbing all over my body, she grabbed a fresh towel and wiped me off. She smiled and said she wanted to take care of me as her hands started to play between my legs. She would have done whatever I preferred, from standing on the side of the massage table to sitting between my legs. She started kissing my nipples while her hand started to turn me on. She started to give me a blowjob, using extra saliva to suck me good. After I started to get turned on, her mouth went back to my nipples and her hand started with the handjob. I wanted her to go back to giving me a blowjob, but she never did. She put some more oil into her hands and slowly gave me a good handjob. From the short blowjob she did give me at the beginning, I think she felt uncomfortable after I started to get turned on because she had a small mouth. I wanted a blowjob, but I had to settle with a good handjob. She kept sucking on my nipples, using both hands and more oil to make me feel good throughout the entire handjob. And when I finally released, she was really good about following through on the handjob to make sure every last drop was out of me and I kept feeling good during climax. She had the towel ready to catch my load and make for an easy cleanup.

She was smiling and happy afterwards, and again was very playful and had a great attitude. Even though I was told the massage package included a tip, I was expecting her to ask for a tip, but she never said anything remotely about it. She brought me some more water and helped me back into the bathtub, where again she took her time to lather me up with soap, wash me, and rinse me off. She took another fresh towel and made sure I was completely dry. She teased and asked if I wanted to shoot again, and I said I am good to go. I was feeling too relaxed at this point, and it would have been too much effort to get another shot out of me again. My body needs to recharge.

After I was dried off, she helped me out of the bathtub and continued to tease and play with me while I got dressed. She stepped out of the room for a moment to get some more water, and I only had enough time to take one photo of the massage room, which is attached to this post. She brought me some breath mints and kept asking to make sure I was feeling good. I was less talkative at this point because I was feeling sleepy after that massage session. I felt like a royal king being served by this woman, and the treatment felt like it lasted for too long. I should have looked at the clock to see how far over the 70 minutes the session lasted.

She escorted me out of the massage room and to the elevator. She kissed me in the elevator and one of her hands rubbed my back. When we stepped out, she said I can relax in the lounge area, and I said thank you and was going to go. She said to please come back again and gave me a big smile. I took the elevator back down and walked out, and the security guard nodded at me as I left the establishment.

This place was more expensive than the blowjob bars at Nguyen Phi Khanh street, but the massage treatment was very good. It's not that the massage itself was exceptional, but rather the entire massage experience from the sauna to the hot stones to oil body massage that made me feel very relaxed after a long day. I walked out of Zeus Massage feeling good and sleepy. The handjob release was good, but I wanted a blowjob and to cum insider her mouth for a better happy ending.

I will give Zeus Massage a second chance in the future, but I still want to try Boss Palace Massage in District 3.


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Can you recommend any place closer to Ben Thanh market?
There are many hotels around Ben Thanh Market with neon signs advertising massages. If the massages are private, you can assume they'll end with a happy ending. And of course, you can always negotiate before agreeing to the massage ticket.

Ben Thanh Market is at the center of District 1. Looking at the map, Zeus Massage is nearby and an easy walk west from there. If you want to walk east from the market, the same distance away is Thai Van Lung, which is the Japanese red light district area of Ho Chi Minh. There are over 20+ massage places, known for anything you want with beautiful Vietnamese girls. The problem with this area is they cater towards the traveling Japanese businessmen, who come there wanting to spend money. The girls look great, and you can get full service, but the cost is expensive.

And where you're at in District 1, you are prime location for any girl on WeChat because District 1 is where they hang out at waiting to visit customers at their hotel. The benefit with them coming to your hotel is the front desk will hold their identification when they come to your room, and will call to confirm everything is ok before giving their identification back when they leave.

If you don't mind going a little bit farther, to the north end of District 1, definitely check out one of the many blowjob bars on Nguyen Phi Khanh street. You will only spend 400,000 VND all in for a blowjob.
Wow! I just visited Zeus Massage, and I've got to say... it's the best full package massage place in all of Ho Chi Minh, and might I say all of Vietnam! I am a very happy customer! My massage girl was Thien, and although she's not busty, she is slender and hot. She also has a nice cute, sexy face. Everything you listed in your review was included.
Southeast Asia
Wow! I just visited Zeus Massage, and I've got to say... it's the best full package massage place in all of Ho Chi Minh, and might I say all of Vietnam! I am a very happy customer! My massage girl was Thien, and although she's not busty, she is slender and hot. She also has a nice cute, sexy face. Everything you listed in your review was included.
Which package did you choose?

And did Thien finish with a handjob or blowjob? Did she let you cum in her mouth?

I love the massage experience at Zeus, and only wish my time there didn't end with a handjob. I plan to go back again and hoping the service provider will finish with a blowjob next time.
I picked the second massage package 1,400,000 VND.

And I had the same experience as you, she started with a blowjob, but ended with a handjob, but she did it twice and her sucking skills were on point. Full suction, none of that hovering with only her lips. I just came from 64 Nguyen Phi Khanh, and the girl tried to do the same, only using her lips to hover! I go to Nguyen Phi Khanh street expecting a CIM finish. I guess that's my mistake for choosing the pretty one. I probably would have gotten a good blowjob from the chubby one that I first saw entering the place :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: my general thought is, if their hotter, you will get less service. and the less attractive girls usually put more effort into it. Just gotta find that middle point :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Southeast Asia
I'm literally waiting for my room to be ready while typing this. Slightly nervous and ill be writing a review when I'm done. Gotta give back to this community for all help. Just sucks I found this forum little late into my vacation.
There's nothing to be nervous about. Enjoy the experience, and we look forward to hearing how it went.

How many days do you have remaining on your vacation in HCM?
Ho Chi Minh
There's nothing to be nervous about. Enjoy the experience, and we look forward to hearing how it went.

How many days do you have remaining on your vacation in HCM?
I'll be going back to Hong Kong tomorrow. I had mixed feelings about my visit, can say for sure I would've go a second time if I had time, or try out Kim kuy massage, details coming soon :)
I will go to Ho Chi Minh Tuesday next week. I want to try massage in Vietnam and I have heard a lot about Zeus massage. Anyone recommends me any places for massage? :D
I recently visit this place and paid 1.8mil dong few days ago However I do not recommend this place. The girl is so much different then in iPad that they show you and the service was suck in my opinion . Go try other place with same service that will cost you much less and better girl.
USA and VN
Guys, you need to raise your standards if you think this is a good place. Much better places outside of district 1 (the tourist trap district)
I'm a retired U.S. citizen checking off Saigon (HCMC) from my bucket list. I'll be traveling the HCMC next month for a two week stay in an airbnb near Bu Vien Street and the Ben Thanh market. So, right in the middle of District One. I'm not afraid to take a scooter or cab to other districts as I wish to experience to massage scene in this city. I have no interest in hoc tocs, KTV's, of full service street girls. I do wish to experience the massage businesses that provide the dry sauna, bath tub, massage with a happy ending without breaking my bank and driving up the prices for all of the forum members, here on SMF. Quality of the experience is paramount as I would prefer girls with upbeat personalities and customer service skills rather than a perfect 10 in the looks department. So, I'm putting out my request to the members of this site to give me some current information into the experience I'm seeking in HCMC. Please provide names, addresses, and prices. I've traveled to countries where haggling is required and I'm not going to pay top price so all of you here for the long haul have the prices driven up artificially. A big thank you, in advance to any information you can provide to me.
Guys, you need to raise your standards if you think this is a good place. Much better places outside of district 1 (the tourist trap district)
I've been reading your posts and appreciate your knowledge of HCMC. You mentioned you know of much better places outside of district 1. Can you name a few here? I'll be arriving in about a month.